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Federico Montesino Pouzols Federico Montesino Pouzols df49270023a80b71418d099e3cc77e1dd2cd25fc df49270023a80b71418d099e3cc77e1dd2cd25fc Pull request #806: CAS-14282: flagdata flags cal table fully with mode='manual' correlation='RR'
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-14282 to master

* commit 'aeb91e4e48846463c5ce987a126cbdb8cd6a636c':
  fix parameter name, CAS-12482
  removed previously ignored unsupported corr value, CAS-14282
  clarify that ARG operator expects radians, CAS-12482
  add test case for manual with unsuported cal tables+corr in list mode, re CAS-14282
  add test cases for manual with cal tables, with wrong corr selection, re CAS-14282
  catch unsupported corr selection in manual mode / when not clip/tfcrop/rflag, re CAS-14282
Renaud Miel Renaud Miel 08adcfac483bf3b574c89d2dde373506dac21851 08adcfac483bf3b574c89d2dde373506dac21851 Pull request #809: CAS-14025
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-14025 to master

* commit '1d1b09c7acde97b105800a35fdb29926a6e5802d': (121 commits)
  CAS-14025 Fixed test_ephemeris_cubesource failure
  CAS-14025 Reverted build system changes
  CAS-14025 Minimize PyImager run-time changes
  CAS-14025 Removed noisy log messages.
  CAS-14025 NAOJ code review refs #2609
  CAS-14025 Fixed sorted_baseline bug
  CAS-14025 Fixed tsdimaging bug present in master
  CAS-14025 Fixed bug
  CAS-14025 Fixed bug in
  CAS-14025 Enhanced log messages
  CAS-14025 Enhanced log messages
  CAS-14025 Enhanced log messages
  CAS-14025 Removed functional changes
  CAS-14025 Restored casatools c++ standard to c++11
  CAS-14025 Align with sdimaging code
  CAS-14025 code clean-up
  CAS-14025 Improved handleNewMs() documentation
  CAS-14025 NAOJ code review refs #2571
  CAS-14025 Fixed bug: convertfirst not working
  CAS-14025 Fixed merge mess
Takeshi Nakazato Takeshi Nakazato e6731dbddede9fda456c530515309fca55753e43 e6731dbddede9fda456c530515309fca55753e43 Pull request #807: CAS-14347
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-14347 to master

* commit '123809dc75c5752056e1c0fcee3bd49c0ae5192b':
  CAS-14347 rename some variables to avoid name conflict
  CAS-14347 remove constructor
  CAS-14347 remove self.assertNotEqual in constructor
Takeshi Nakazato Takeshi Nakazato 123809dc75c5752056e1c0fcee3bd49c0ae5192b m 123809dc75c5752056e1c0fcee3bd49c0ae5192b CAS-14347 rename some variables to avoid name conflict
Takeshi Nakazato Takeshi Nakazato 1b19688a35380cde80376aa361a623c778b0bf27 m 1b19688a35380cde80376aa361a623c778b0bf27 CAS-14347 remove constructor


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