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Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta e0a9897223bc2a3efe23364275a306e82fa260fe e0a9897223bc2a3efe23364275a306e82fa260fe Update CMakelist minor versions
Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta 7f5a01778c8caf7d108a8f7355916eb269c79648 7f5a01778c8caf7d108a8f7355916eb269c79648 Update almatasks to 1.18 in build.conf
See CAS-13173 for details.
Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta fff6175fe0925cc84396b437f428c34a8b6ede16 fff6175fe0925cc84396b437f428c34a8b6ede16 Merge pull request #369 in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13173 to master
* commit 'f0045fd6981c5290b8c4af6f56afbdd46dee997c':
  revert almatasks change until after PR (CAS-13173)
  select updated almatasks (CAS-13173)
  fix error message check (CAS-13173)
  not all errors have a parameter name (CAS-13173)
  Fixing the path to testdata in test_regression_alma_M100_sd. This change has no effect in this branch.
  try new build (CAS-13173)
  fix management of "list of path" errors (CAS-13173)
  users may pass lists as path parameters (CAS-13173)
  customize error messages for paths which must exist (CAS-13173)
  add context to obscure error msg (CAS-13173)
Darrell Schiebel <> Darrell Schiebel <> f0045fd6981c5290b8c4af6f56afbdd46dee997c m f0045fd6981c5290b8c4af6f56afbdd46dee997c revert almatasks change until after PR (CAS-13173)
Darrell Schiebel <> Darrell Schiebel <> d42ec1c6120bc30164a73075c5167a9d3e605a29 m d42ec1c6120bc30164a73075c5167a9d3e605a29 select updated almatasks (CAS-13173)

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