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Srikrishna Sekhar Srikrishna Sekhar 9ed09e701eb853bbf889175a6ecd0e461c727551 9ed09e701eb853bbf889175a6ecd0e461c727551 CAS-14184 : Fixes to gclean tests + masking bugfix
If a static user mask was provided in the input (e.g.,
circle[[50px,50px],10px]) the final mask-update deconvolve step was
breaking. It did not break for auto-masking or any other type of input
mask. This has been fixed by setting mask = '' in the last deconvolve
call, which still does the right thing for auto-masking etc.

Further, the default masking behaviour changed as of a few commits ago.
This was not reflected in the test cases, so they were all failing. The
tests have been updated to reflect this new behaviour as well.
Sandra Castro Sandra Castro ee54dadb2253e44ecff8d63cea658fe4bee68378 ee54dadb2253e44ecff8d63cea658fe4bee68378 fixed typo in json entry.
Sandra Castro Sandra Castro 4efe43b2c2c674172d60e978131877341ee8699d 4efe43b2c2c674172d60e978131877341ee8699d Renamed test_task_gclean to test_imagerhelpers_gclean and moved it to the scripts directory. Added the new test script to the mapping json file to run automatically in Bamboo.
Sandra Castro Sandra Castro a0a4205bd456371e0e0c453561c0ade49eb211b0 a0a4205bd456371e0e0c453561c0ade49eb211b0 Added main at the end of tests. Removed unused imports Renamed class of test.
Srikrishna Sekhar Srikrishna Sekhar f6b7c80f4bfc7907d9bc95d0c9d6fd35a2d80c68 f6b7c80f4bfc7907d9bc95d0c9d6fd35a2d80c68 CAS-14184 : Bug fix for previous commit
Forgot to remove a second line that had the wrong maskname. Also removed
extraneous print statements in gclean

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