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Neal Schweighart Neal Schweighart e7e1b22dc3092f4849d5ef46bf66852d24b71d31 e7e1b22dc3092f4849d5ef46bf66852d24b71d31 Pull request #826: CAS-13029
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13029 to master

* commit '688ebd7127b0f9270a174b857b5b72aeac52d8dd':
  For CAS-13029, for RQ, include digital effects in gain and add requantizer scale factors to Tsys (for wt cal); for SWPWTS, include digital and requantization factors (like RQ); temporarily trivialize the corresponding gencal test
  updated the xml to include description of to include new swpwts param
  I missed a tb...
  corrected tb to _tb
  added description to new test case and added an additional assert checking that the values used to adjust weights are not 1's
  added gencal test case for new mode
  Fixed issue with not recognizing new swpwts mode
  swpowwts mode was getting registered as swpow mode instead. Chagning the new mode name to swpwts...
  Added swpowwts as an allowed value in the xml
  Fix unallowed values swpowts
  Added SWPOWWTS to member of EVLASwPow types
  Added SWPOWWTS cases to EVLA switched power
Neal Schweighart Neal Schweighart 688ebd7127b0f9270a174b857b5b72aeac52d8dd 688ebd7127b0f9270a174b857b5b72aeac52d8dd Merge branch 'master' into CAS-13029
George Moellenbrock George Moellenbrock d65ab812803a27bac6b381f068a5647ab0df1945 d65ab812803a27bac6b381f068a5647ab0df1945 Pull request #820: CAS-13003
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13003 to master

* commit 'f3a65179ef2d232f914d442da59e1b16cf67a3d0':
  CAS-13003: Adjust tolerance in EOP correction tests
  CAS-13003: Add more tests
  CAS-13003: Fix error message
  CAS-13003: Improve handling if missing EOP data
  CAS-13003: Implement 'eop' mode in gencal task
Kumar Golap Kumar Golap f87c3aa81393ca7f0697dd9bb061ca3208a0bba9 f87c3aa81393ca7f0697dd9bb061ca3208a0bba9 Pull request #825: CAS-13908
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13908 to master

* commit '6040027beb565553214f9745ac8cefeb7647af3e':
  copied the fix from CAS-14152 for good form
  Updated test_multifield_cube_exttab_eph to verify the bug for the explicit specification of the ephemeris table when perchanweightdensity=True is used.
  Added setting of the explicit ephemeris table name in initializeFTMachine
  remove a debug line
  Fix in the briggs weighting when using ephemtable
  more debug statements were added
  Add a debug statement
  add some debug statements
  add debug statements
  Modify unit tests for ephemeris object imaging with an external ephemeris table
  Revert the change missed in last commit
  Revert getPhaseCenter code changes since this can lead to scinetifically incorrect results
  Commented out some of the print statements for debugging
  Add unit tests for ephmeris object imaging with an external eph. table
  Add external ephemeris table path to VisBufferUtils::getPhaseCenter and make the path override the existing internal ephemeris table path
Mark Kettenis <> Mark Kettenis <> f3a65179ef2d232f914d442da59e1b16cf67a3d0 m f3a65179ef2d232f914d442da59e1b16cf67a3d0 CAS-13003: Adjust tolerance in EOP correction tests

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