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Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta efd033926fa94c74adb629e5d46acdde0f2d46e5 efd033926fa94c74adb629e5d46acdde0f2d46e5 Merge branch 'master' into CAS-13411
Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta 1cb3b72a23675b8eae897bee6daaa32cfee61086 m 1cb3b72a23675b8eae897bee6daaa32cfee61086 Merge pull request #388 in CASA/casa6 from CAS-12961 to master
* commit '0c055da9af672d393cb10f2ec6c9c784eb989801':
  A minor error message change
  Added a check if the channel frequencies shifted in the source frame contains NaN and in that caise, raise an exception.
Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta d658f0ef19af6e68627befa83242d56c74db94f8 m d658f0ef19af6e68627befa83242d56c74db94f8 Merge pull request #387 in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13462 to master
* commit 'f95edd2b86d851010188acae78ebe914bd64e06b':
  Update plotms master wheel version
  Update plotms branch wheel
  Update build.conf
  Update plotms branch wheel
  Fix output channel number when averaging channel and antenna
  Move flag cube access outside VB averager loop
  Update plotms branch wheel
  Get accumulation iteration flag cube outside loop
Pam Harris <> Pam Harris <> f95edd2b86d851010188acae78ebe914bd64e06b m f95edd2b86d851010188acae78ebe914bd64e06b Update plotms master wheel version
Takahiro Tsutsumi Takahiro Tsutsumi 0c055da9af672d393cb10f2ec6c9c784eb989801 m 0c055da9af672d393cb10f2ec6c9c784eb989801 Merge branch 'master' into CAS-12961

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