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  1. Tag

  2. Get next Casalith version

  3. Build casatestutils

  4. Default Stage

  5. Tag Casalith

  6. Create Test Plan Branch


The following artifacts have been generated by the jobs in this plan.

Shared artifacts

You can share artifacts between jobs in different stages via artifact dependencies. Each time the artifact is shared with a subsequent job, it is copied to the job's agent.

Produced in job Artifact File size
Build casatestutils Build casatestutils casatestutils wheel 95 KB
Build and Package RHEL6 Default Stage Tool wheel 125 MB
Task wheel 1 MB
Shell wheel 954 KB
Tar distribution 1 GB
debug_symbols_linux 44 MB
ManyLInux2014 Python 3.8 Default Stage ManyLinux2014 Python 3.8 Tool wheel 127 MB
ManyLinux2014 Python 3.8 Task wheel 1 MB
ManyLinux2014 Python 3.8 Shell wheel 954 KB
ManyLinux2014 Python 3.8 Tar distribution 1 GB
ManyLinux2014 Python 3.8 debug_symbols 43 MB
OSX 11 Python 3.8 Default Stage OSX11 py3.8 tools wheel 108 MB
OSX11 DMG py3.8 885 MB
OSX11 py3.8 shell wheel 954 KB
OSX11 py3.8 tasks wheel 1 MB
Notarized OSX11 DMG py3.8 898 MB
OSX11 Default Stage OSX11 tools wheel 108 MB
OSX11 DMG 876 MB
OSX11 shell wheel 954 KB
OSX11 tasks wheel 1 MB
Notarized OSX11 DMG 891 MB