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8af308c8fe87a39be27c9a256b7c48a784a593d1 8af308c8fe87a39be27c9a256b7c48a784a593d1
2de34a7b9798369717f899048130e9964cc12510 2de34a7b9798369717f899048130e9964cc12510

Code commits

Author Commit Message Commit date
Takeshi Nakazato Takeshi Nakazato 8af308c8fe87a39be27c9a256b7c48a784a593d1 8af308c8fe87a39be27c9a256b7c48a784a593d1 Pull request #769: CAS-13087
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13087 to master

* commit 'e8d234d102b04e2a124f23c0e0af820bf72f978e': (51 commits)
  CAS-13087 cleanup tentative code
  Minor bug fix on test code
  CAS-13087 fix problem in ms conformance tests
  CAS-13087 more refactoring
  CAS-13087 additional modofication for merging master into this branch
  Revert "Merge branch 'master' into CAS-13087"
  Merge branch 'master' into CAS-13087
  rename disabled task test
  minor style update so that the codes sync with master
  CAS-13087 fix conformance issue on CORRECtED_DATA column
  CAS-13087 make the same change to CASA5 tests (should crash)
  CAS-13087 add conformance test for CORRECTED_DATA (should crash)
  CAS-13087 style changes: ''' -> """
  Merge master into CAS-13087. Conflicts resolved manually
  CAS-13087 strict column existence check by setting testcontent False
  CAS-13087 add documentation for relevant functions
  coding style fix
  import modules with required names
  import calibrater tool
  fixed wrong test names, added tests to test suite
Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta 07df7e213c0b324674808dd47d40bb459f047e3f 07df7e213c0b324674808dd47d40bb459f047e3f Pull request #768: Do not filter warnings in
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-14224 to master

* commit '04f05a69f407fc5014c2c7fd310a91f4de061672':
  Do not filter warnings in
Srikrishna Sekhar Srikrishna Sekhar 643fe56a886e0ed2192909f305352fd54a2dfcdb 643fe56a886e0ed2192909f305352fd54a2dfcdb Pull request #767: CAS-13791
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13791 to master

* commit '0b3b01d988822e881a47dbb8a9138d5622ebfae6':
  CAS-13791 : Modified tests to have gain=0.2. This reduces variability across build systems to below the standard tolerance threshold.  Enabled the test for Mac too.
  CAS-13791 : edited the ver test func for asp
  CAS-13791: Set 'fusedthreshold = -1' to allow AspClean never switches to Hogbom. This makes G55 result even better.
  CAS-13791: cherry-pick from ARD-31 for adding "scaling factor" to bfgs to improve bfgs optimizations when parameters are with widely different magnitudes. With this fix, G55 now runs fine and it does not affect behaviors on other datasets.
  CAS-940-improve: Improve computational efficiency by 1) measuring rms from masked residual and 2) move the initialization of blc and trc of Dirty to the beginning since it only needs to be done once. This improves runtime by 6mins to 3mins (with mask) and 3mins to 2:30 (no mask). Note that the runtime here is just one run and the runtime may vary between runs.
  CAS-940-improve: fixed a bug in creating initial scales.
Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta 04f05a69f407fc5014c2c7fd310a91f4de061672 04f05a69f407fc5014c2c7fd310a91f4de061672 Merge branch 'master' into CAS-14224
Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta 0b3b01d988822e881a47dbb8a9138d5622ebfae6 0b3b01d988822e881a47dbb8a9138d5622ebfae6 Merge branch 'master' into CAS-13791

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