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31ca589a580ada854fcf76d92f2967047e01a0a3 31ca589a580ada854fcf76d92f2967047e01a0a3
2de34a7b9798369717f899048130e9964cc12510 2de34a7b9798369717f899048130e9964cc12510

Code commits

Author Commit Message Commit date
Neal Schweighart Neal Schweighart 31ca589a580ada854fcf76d92f2967047e01a0a3 31ca589a580ada854fcf76d92f2967047e01a0a3 Pull request #735: CAS-14087
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-14087 to master

* commit '4a480d7ff2d24be4adfa73bb25132df561a32632': (30 commits)
  updated defintents short description for 'mode' in the xml
  set mode was resetting non selected intents to the STATE_ID value of 0
  Added message when filling with UNSPECIFED(DEFINTENT). Also Ignores UNSPECIFIED(DEFINTENT) if appending to it
  when appending on UNSPECIFIED don't include UNSPECIFIED in the new intent. The UNSPECIFIED value exists only as a default for an ms with no prior intents
  Changed the base row added if no intents exist to have the intent of UNSPECIFIED
  When intents are added when there were none then listobs would crash casa. Once there are intents added there can be no STATE_IDS of -1 otherwise this will continue. An empty intent is created and set for all -1 values
  Segfault when running listobs on a ms that originally had no intents
  Move the validity checks for the outputvis parameter at the beginning of the task execution.
  fixed another typo in the test
  fixed typeo in outfile name
  fixed the tests to check the outputvis file
  If the user specified the vis file in the outputvis param the vis file will be edited instead of making a copy ms
  Removed reversion and parameters related to it. instead there is now a outputvis parameter that creates a copy of the ms with the modified rows
  fixed wrong STATE table row being removed
  Added new mode 'revert' and new param revertList. The task also returns the list needed to revert the change made in that command.
  Added the correct address for the docs
  Added defintent to the component mapping json for automated tests.
  Added test for defintent task and edited some messages displayed by the task
  cleaning up no longer used functions
  switched to form query using the ms.msselct tools
Srikrishna Sekhar Srikrishna Sekhar c6f3fffa884995c99b8e0f5d330d29aecc941805 c6f3fffa884995c99b8e0f5d330d29aecc941805 Pull request #737: CAS-13872
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13872 to master

* commit '366e1ed9a94a7e785398120d385e2e48cd13acb4':
  CAS-13872 : Remove extraneous cout statements
  CAS-13872 : Enable mt-mfs in task_deconvolve
  CAS-13872 : Made the model image used for minor cycle residual cal be the difference model and not the full model. test_onefield_restart_mtmfs passes now.
  CAS-13872 : Made mtmfs peak residual read from the correctly computed residual image at the end of the minor cycle.
Takeshi Nakazato Takeshi Nakazato c3ecb17260d2e10f3b45177db8f7a9ca0aeb044e c3ecb17260d2e10f3b45177db8f7a9ca0aeb044e Pull request #736: CAS-13844
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13844 to master

* commit 'e96bd1d3c80d6942fbdd80e3c38db48fe7894d14':
  CAS-13844 minor style change
  Add singledish specific divideResidualByWeight
  use lambda function to simplify log output.
  modified getPbMax() and divideResidualByWeight()
  rewrite getPbMax() and divideResidualByWeight() without using SubImage instances
  tidy up divideResidualByWeight()
  modifying SIImageStore
  modify divideResidualByWeight()
  fix up the appearance of divideResidualByWeight()
Takeshi Nakazato Takeshi Nakazato e96bd1d3c80d6942fbdd80e3c38db48fe7894d14 e96bd1d3c80d6942fbdd80e3c38db48fe7894d14 CAS-13844 minor style change
Neal Schweighart Neal Schweighart 4a480d7ff2d24be4adfa73bb25132df561a32632 4a480d7ff2d24be4adfa73bb25132df561a32632 Merge branch 'master' into CAS-14087

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