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70c7e96a1cc7826da261f7bb271e831eaee7560f 70c7e96a1cc7826da261f7bb271e831eaee7560f

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Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta d98e888ac277212e1a072bbc09273278e704a2db d98e888ac277212e1a072bbc09273278e704a2db Trigger a build
Akeem Wells Akeem Wells ec556653b9988cd1b9b0d61590a808a19d6d5d2a ec556653b9988cd1b9b0d61590a808a19d6d5d2a Pull request #790: CAS-13719
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13719 to master

* commit '30b7d8d2c562a14ba7fe32512f908732244a9614':
  remove .DS_Store files from code tree
  Finalize CAS-13719, with change for CAS-13298
  Added remaining XML changes from CAS-13719
  Updated XML simobserve, parameter incenter. Running commit to check if all works as expected before updating other XML files.
  Added punctuation to task description (as a test)
Akeem Wells Akeem Wells 30b7d8d2c562a14ba7fe32512f908732244a9614 30b7d8d2c562a14ba7fe32512f908732244a9614 remove .DS_Store files from code tree
Akeem Wells Akeem Wells 89eddf0ec3fb26706cb04945cb2f88d75d6ef607 89eddf0ec3fb26706cb04945cb2f88d75d6ef607 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into CAS-13719
Pam Harris <> Pam Harris <> 37d015eb1c1247b46f48262b5d172f0e3b2091d6 37d015eb1c1247b46f48262b5d172f0e3b2091d6 Pull request #788: CAS-14276 fix plotbandpass exception
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-14276 to master

* commit 'e62c959ec065f26e98dc6a4a99ec3f403ae8e9bc':
  Fix showfdm overlay colors exception

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