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Ville Suoranta Ville Suoranta c8cac6e8b41a676ec5d6a0a8918208f88adc0e90 c8cac6e8b41a676ec5d6a0a8918208f88adc0e90 Merge pull request #381 in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13317 to release/5.8.0
* commit 'a1013edb6308466c3d506c3adfa9a37ace2e1131':
  Removed the duplicated calls for cube imaging
  Set saving of output stats dicts off
  Removed the commented tclean commands
  Added updates for CAS-13457
  Inlcuded CAS-13455 updates
  Update for CAS-13455 no.2
  CAS-13445 update
  Changed minbeamfrac to 0.08 for test_standard_cube_pcwdT and test_standard_cube_briggsbwtaper
  A minor bug fix
  Updated pcwdT tests
  More update on the fiducial metric values
  Updated values for test_standard_cube_briggsbwtaper
  Added to collect the beam stats for serial
  Saving the current changes
  Added the cube imaging tests for perchanweightdensity=T and briggsbwtaper weighting

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