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Kumar Golap Kumar Golap 3ee3fee127eea790691ec82ad6136fd1884ddd45 3ee3fee127eea790691ec82ad6136fd1884ddd45 Pull request #813: CAS-13814
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13814 to master

* commit '5e4bfdbdb1e3e8fb46176073f91958eff8979746': (69 commits)
  changed specmode type from any to string
  Added note on mvc limiting speed up in parallel
  added a throw for out of order request for psf beam
  dealt with some more noodles of siimagestore looking for weight image and what not
  Fixed an issue where restoringbeams  were not stored in psf images because we donot call dividepsfbyweight for the tt psf image
  added mvc in shortdescription of specmode
  CAS-13814 - added default reffreq calc and fixed default nchan calc. updated inline xml docs
  fix an interactive clean cached image issue
  CAS-13814 : Added a trap for invalid nchan, and xml docs to support this.
  CAS-13814 - removed calculation of alpha.pbcor because it is ineffective (when alpha is already pbcorrected). Fixed vis=[] parameter checking bug (unrelated).
  CAS-13814 : Removed unnecessary (zero-filled) weight.ttx images, removed tclean.last.count debug flag.
  remove some unit tests for now because i don't know how to make them find the fixtures in the data repo
  change the way default nchan is calculated to give a more reasonable value
  removed a hardwire to /home/casa
  make sure to print OK
  bypassing these c++ tests till we clean them up in CAS-14146
  Fixed a gridder parsing when it is widefield.
  CAS-13581 : Added test for mtmfsviacube_wproject, and skipped test for 'awp2'
  CAS-13814 : removed one more debugging comment
  Merge master into CAS-13814, removed comment/debug messages, switched cubePB2ttPB Py calls to C++ cubeToTaylorSum.
Takahiro Tsutsumi Takahiro Tsutsumi ebd46f691e47b4dd37356a8c70ba6d815ea8d2a1 ebd46f691e47b4dd37356a8c70ba6d815ea8d2a1 Pull request #811: CAS-14323
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-14323 to master

* commit 'c438d2118a3d6ed83750ec891552a80c00397a25':
  A minor code improvement
  Added checks for the table keywords. Incremented the table version no.
  Changed posrefsys label to 'ICRS' so that measures can correctly identifies the reference frame. Added ephemeris_source in the table keywords to record source of the ephemerides. Fixed the regex for the source name extraction to handle the name contain non-alphanumeric characters.
Bob Garwood Bob Garwood 6671fba91f4cb644ae31a54a58903ee154574cc5 6671fba91f4cb644ae31a54a58903ee154574cc5 Pull request #814: CAS-13116
Merge in CASA/casa6 from CAS-13116 to master

* commit '8df9b56746140732a865880d1e084c9eeab3ab01': (109 commits)
  casaviewer now at 2.1.4
  better handling of the casaconfig exceptions, tweaked the wording
  uses new exceptions from casaconfig, modifies datapath with measurespath as appropriate before ctsys initialization
  new version of casaviewer for 13116
  modified mention of if measurespath is not set correctly
  improved casaconfig related startup messages when problems seen, silent during normal startup of casaconfig
  integrate new casaconfig API here for auto updates and checking on data contents during startup
  removed ac, cerberus, and not needed in the new build system
  removed casatelemetry and updated casaviewer in build.conf
  added casaconfig to requires section of setup.cfg
  Revert pyproject.toml mods
  Add project section to pyproject.toml
  Add casasconfig and numpy as dependencies
  resolve differences between and genertaed in
  updated casaviewer in build.conf
  updated build.conf for newer casaviewer on CAS-13116
  conflict resolution from merge wasn't quite right for, this fixes that
  updated build.conf to get the latest casaviewer build for CAS-13116
  added cachedir info to State and utils tools so that it can be passed to the casaviewer tool when it's not present on the command line
  added casatelemetry and updated casaviewer versions for this branch in build.conf
Kumar Golap Kumar Golap 5e4bfdbdb1e3e8fb46176073f91958eff8979746 5e4bfdbdb1e3e8fb46176073f91958eff8979746 Merge branch 'master' into CAS-13814
Takahiro Tsutsumi Takahiro Tsutsumi c438d2118a3d6ed83750ec891552a80c00397a25 c438d2118a3d6ed83750ec891552a80c00397a25 Merge branch 'master' into CAS-14323


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